Paul Jenkins, Founder of Brilliantio
Paul Jenkins, Film Director, Narrator and Founder at Brilliantio | WiseIntro Portfolio







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Paul Jenkins, Film Director, Narrator and Founder at Brilliantio | WiseIntro Portfolio

Paul Jenkins

Film Director, Narrator and Founder


After graduating with a degree in Russian in 1989, Paul worked as a researcher, producer and reporter on live interview and news shows, current affairs programs such as the BBC's 'Newsnight, magazine shows like 'The World This Week' and many current affairs programs and documentaries.

His directing career began in 1999 with 'Soldat', a feature-length film telling the story of conscripts in the then-crumbling Russian army. He went on to direct 20+ films around the world for the BBC, PBS and ARTE - specialising in tough investigations in Russia, the Balkans, the Middle East and elsewhere.

His most recent film was 'The Warning'. Made in 2016, it tells the extraordinary story of how the CIA and their Russian counterparts the GRU teamed up for 6 years in the 1990's to recruit the world's top scientists and grant them access to intelligence platforms and data to study climate change.

Paul started to instruct online in 2014, and now has 34,000 students in 165 countries studying filmmaking, storytelling, narration and associated skills. The Story Course is one of his popular courses, with hundreds of five star reviews.

As an audiobook narrator, Paul has voice acted in the horror, espionage and historical fiction genres among others!

In 2019, Paul founded Brilliantio as a place to pull together and celebrate and practice creativity, storytelling and personal development. It operates as a Facebook group and online membership. In 2020, he is launching a newsletter for writers while converting his experiences as a documentary filmmaker into non-fiction and fiction.

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